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Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to enhance self-exclusion program for at-risk players

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has announced that it is expanding its PlaySmart responsible gambling program as part of the My PlayBreak relaunch.

Players in the Canadian province of Ontario will have the ability to bar themselves from their gambling at Ontario casinos, Charitable Gaming Centre, or on with the use of the My PlayBreak features.

The enhanced features of My PlayBreak include defined and renewable term lengths which come in three months, six months, and even last as long as one to five years. There is also a simplified Return to Play process which offers steps to return to playing while lessening harm to the player.

As explained by Alexandra Aguzzi, OLG’s senior vice-president of the brand, communications, and sustainability at the OLG: “OLG prioritizes player health and is focused on continuous improvement of its RG programming. My PlayBreak is just one of the RG tools in OLG’s sophisticated and unmatched PlaySmart portfolio that is integrated across multiple product lines to help customers create and maintain healthy habits that enable a lifetime of sustainable play.”

Shelley White, chief executive of the Responsible Gaming Council said: “RGC commends OLG on its launch of My PlayBreak as part of its globally recognized responsible gambling program — PlaySmart. This new program offers a more person-centered approach that is not only more accessible but will also support positive outcomes for those participating. RGC is proud to provide services to OLG in the day-to-day operations of PlaySmart Centres on-site at 29 casinos in Ontario which also support 37 charitable gaming centers.

“We look forward to continuing to work with OLG and gaming operators to maximize player uptake of OLG’s leading responsible gambling program.”