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The top panels you shouldn’t miss if you want to learn how to AMPLIFY your performance

With the AffiliateINSIDER Summit approaching, all eyes are focussed on what you will learn! 
We have worked hard to pull together experts from all backgrounds to create top panel discussions that will be live-streamed across the course of this 2 day's Learning Summit and we’re excited to tell you about what these sessions will be packed in!
Still not sure you’re ready to attend? Get a load of these tips and tricks you can use to AMPLIFY your performance in 2022 with us! To help you make the most of this event here are some of the top panel talks that you definitely don’t want to miss!

Looking to the Future – Amplifying Partner Growth in 2022

When? – Day 1, 09:45-10:45 GMT
We are kicking things off our Summit strong with this industry leader panel! Listen to Affiliate Marketing experts discuss the current digital marketing landscape and how things might be shaped in the future. In just an hour we will cover all aspects of the performance marketing industry and how they all tie in together to influence change. From publishers through to the best technology and with plenty more in between, we are going to cover it all. This panel is going to be fully loaded with the advice and examples given by AffiliateINSIDER’s own Lee-Ann Johnstone and other industry leaders, with real-life teachings that can be applied directly to your affiliate program.

Amplifying Marketing Strategies with Automation & AI

When? – Day 1, 13:00-14:00 GMT
Artificial intelligence is one of the most interesting and exciting innovations to come our way, but how can it be used most effectively in affiliate marketing? Of all of our top marketing panels, this is one you won’t want to miss! Our experts here will show you who is driving change in this sector, and how to make the best use of automation and AI to drive results for your marketing programs. From the management of big data to small tools to help you streamline day-to-day affiliate operations, we will help you determine where you can include AI to help amplify your affiliate marketing strategies.

Amplifying your Affiliate Partner Performance in a Fragmented Marketplace

When? – Day 2, 10:15-11.15 GMT
To kick our top panels off on Day 2, we have this brilliant topic, to begin with, which outlines how affiliate programs will adapt to a fragmented marketplace. As we all know, affiliate marketing is growing at an amazing rate but are you clear on exactly how can you make the most of the partner opportunities popping up across the industry? Find out here! Our 45-minute “value bomb” loaded session will lay it all out and help you learn about scaling and managing partner performance in the year ahead, so you can jump on opportunities before anyone else. Want to ensure that you step out ahead of and stay in front of your competition? This could be the panel that helps you do so!

Blockchain and Crypto – Looking Forward to Web 3.0

When? – Day 2, 11.30-12:30 GMT
Blockchain is one of those areas that some are hesitant to dive into. We have brought together four leading experts in the realm of blockchain and crypto to lay out how digital and affiliate marketing can benefit from this technology as we move into discovering more about Web3.0.
 Whether you are in the iGaming industry and want to know how blockchain will evolve user experiences or looking to use crypto tech in your business or you simply want to know more about the future of digital and how to apply it in your company, this will be a panel that you won’t want to miss! We will break down what these innovations are truly all about, and then will help you understand how they can be put to use in both your current operations and the internet of tomorrow!

Spotlight on Casino, Bingo & Lottery – How to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

When? – Day 2, 14:45-15:45 GMT
Discover all the trends in this panel as we ask leading iGaming affiliates, brands, and marketing managers what you’ll need to take note of in this panel! We will take you through some of the newest market trends and innovations to help you take player engagements and conversion to the next level. The iGaming industry might be very competitive, but we are going to give you the strategies and expertise needed to build successful marketing campaigns that drive results. Even those not in iGaming will find plenty that they can learn from and apply to their practices here – so don’t miss out on a birds-ey view of what’s happening in this fast-growing channel.

Have we mentioned – our Summit Live Stream panels are also FREE??

We have worked hard to secure experts across multiple industries and global areas to bring you top industry trends and insights to help you grow! 
The five panels mentioned above are just the beginning of the topics we intend to cover during the 2-day virtual Summit. Make sure to check the full agenda so you don’t miss a beat and leave with a host of tools, insights, and studies to help kick start your year with a bang!
The best part is – Registration is 100% free! 
That’s right, the AffiliateINSIDER Summit and all of its panels are free to attend! Register for your free tickets to the Summit and get booked into our paid masterclass workshops too! We can’t wait to see you and talk about all things affiliate marketing!