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Illegal online poker causes Australia to take three iGaming parties to Federal Court

The Australian Communications and Media Authority, or AMCA, has moved forward with its case against three iGaming companies with illegal online poker gambling allegations, resulting in civil penalty proceedings in Federal Court.

What happened?

The case revolves around prohibited online gambling services provided through “PPPfish”. The brand was later renamed “Shuffle Gaming” and then “Redraw Poker”. The AMCA alleges that these online services are online poker, which is prohibited in Australia under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001.

Who is involved?

When the case was launched, three parties were singled out for being involved with the running and promoting of these online poker services.

The three parties are made up of Rhys Edward JonesDiverse Link Pty, and Brenton Lee Buttigieg. Edward Jones has been accused of providing these prohibited online poker services to citizens of Australia throughout 2020 and early 2021. In March of 2021 that was taken over by Diverse Link Pty to the present day. Meanwhile, Buttigieg has been accused of promoting and referring customers to these prohibited online services.

These allegations that are breaching the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, according to the ACMA, carry a maximum penalty of 1.7 million Australian dollars, which amounts to around $1.2 million US and roughly £940,000. That is a fine per breach for the individuals of Edward Jones and Buttigieg, and five times that initial amount for companies, so roughly $8.5 million for Diverse Link Pty.