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Fantasyexpo acquires broadcasting rights for PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Fantasyexpo has acquired the broadcasting rights for PGL Major Stockholm 2021. This is the only major-tier Counter-Strike tournament to take place this year, thus making it one of the most prestigious events in esports in 2021.

The gaming agency has acquired the rights to broadcast the tournament to eight countries across Europe: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Romania. Fans in these countries will be able to watch the streams in their native languages.
The tournament itself is due to take place across October and November. Fantasyexpo has plenty of experience in terms of broadcasting major-tier tournaments, and recently announced that it has become a strategic business partner of PGL.

The co-founder of Fantasyexpo, Krzysztof Stypułkowski, said: “We are constantly setting the achievement bar higher and higher. The organisation of broadcasts for so many fans, in eight different languages, is surely a jump to a higher level for our agency. It is a great challenge not only for our studio but for the entire team cooperating with commercial partners and media.”
Events like this major-tier Counter-Strike tournament can easily attract audiences with an average of 500,000 viewers. This can also rise to over 1 million views for peak times and the biggest matches.
As the only major Counter-Strike tournament to take place in 2021, this event is likely to draw a lot of interest and focus in many countries around the world beyond the eight Fantasyexpo broadcasts too. Affiliates with an interest in esports should watch for some interesting opportunities that might emerge.