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New toolkit for custom Slack apps launched by Salesforce

Salesforce has created and launched a new set of tools that will allow developers to create their custom apps for management and collaboration software Slack.

This will let developers add functionalities such as automation, with the framework taken directly from Salesforce. They will be able to create a unique workflow that best suits their own needs, including writing in coding languages they are familiar with.

This could prove to be invaluable for affiliate managers as it will allow them to set up a system that can uniquely support their program and partners.

The company will also be updating other features such as Salesforce Flow for Slack, allowing developers to build automated processes that are inherently Slack-first, with support for data and analytics to be built in from the beginning.

Many of these tools are currently in beta and will be released generally starting in June 2022.
The use of communication tools such as Slack is on the rise. Many workplaces and organizations choose to make use of tools like this. For affiliate managers, they can represent a good way to discuss campaigns and keep in the loop with affiliates and partners.

The levels of customization being brought to this platform will allow many to create the set of tools needed to support the precise needs of their affiliate program and deliver the communication and results that they wish to see.