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Best 23 Affiliate Marketing Events for 2022 & 2023

There are several reasons to attend affiliate marketing events, whether you’re a business owner, an affiliate, or simply looking to break out into the field. First, they’re an amazing opportunity for networking and meeting others in the industry. Also, they can be a great way to learn even more about making money through affiliate marketing.

However, affiliate marketing events and conferences are rarely, if ever, free, so you need to decide if the investment is going to be worth it. We recommend taking a look at our list of the best affiliate marketing events for the remainder of 2022 and into 2023 to see if there are any that are based near you so you can attend your very first conference.

The events are listed in chronological order and broken up by month, and there will be updates to this as more and more events are scheduled throughout 2023. Find the event that best fits your needs or your industry and sign up today.

Affiliate Marketing Events in September 2022

1. ClickBid

September 6-8 in Ibiza, Spain

ClickBid has several events throughout the year, with their most upcoming event being ClickBid Ibiza. Find other events throughout the next year in Prague, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, and Las Vegas. This event is mostly for networking, with several social events spread throughout the 3-day event for gathering together with other industry elites.

2. CJU 2022

September 12-15 in Santa Barbara, California

CJU is an annual conference in Santa Barbara, California, about helping those from the affiliate industry network and build relationships. It’s hosted by affiliate platform and is reserved exclusively for companies that use as their platform of choice, so you’ll need to apply to attend and wait to get your confirmation email before booking travel.

3. India Affiliate Summit

September 14-15 in Gurugram, India

India Affiliate Summit is a two-day event based in Gurugram, India. They have several prominent speakers in the industry as well as topics for various types of affiliate needs, from influencers to e-commerce companies and more. It’s the self-proclaimed largest affiliate event in India and has been going on annually since 2015.


September 15-16 in Athens, Greece

GAME, or the Gaming and Affiliate Marketing Expo, is an event directed towards affiliates in the gaming industry. Many of the topics revolve around gaming regulations and how affiliate marketing can fit within those, as well as how to maximize profits with affiliate marketing in the gaming industry. The 2022 conference will be their second annual event.


September 21-22 in Cologne, Germany

DMEXCO, or the Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference, is an event that focuses on the whole of digital marketing and not just affiliate marketing, but can still be a valuable experience. They have several different stages for industry-specific topics, like an eCommerce state, a Startup stage, an Agency stage, and more.

Affiliate Marketing Events in October 2022

6. ABC Conference

October 17 in Lisbon, Portugal

ABC, which stands for Affiliate Business Club, is holding its annual conference in Lisbon, Portugal this year. It’s one of the more affordable events on our list, with tickets starting at just €49. This event is a great place to meet up with other affiliates and e-commerce marketers.

7. PI Live

October 18-19 in London, England

The PI Live, or PerformanceIN Live, the conference is one of the leading affiliate and performance marketing conferences in the world. This year, while held in person in London, the event will also be live-streamed for those who cannot make it to the physical event. This is a great added perk, especially as keynote speakers will be taking questions from those at the event plus online.

8. Affiliate Meet Markt 2022

October 26-27 in Berlin, Germany

The Affiliate Meet Markt event is hosted by iGB Affiliate and Affiliate Summit, two other affiliate marketing events that we’ll cover throughout this list. This event is specifically held for thousands of affiliates to meet and network, discover new companies to work with, share tips on how to make more money, stay up-to-date on new trends, and more.


October 26-27 in Dubai, India

KINZA is an affiliate marketing-focused conference being held in Dubai, India this year. They have several experts speaking on various affiliate marketing strategies and verticals, as well as an expo for businesses to set up and meet potential new affiliates. Buy your ticket today to start networking with brands needing more affiliates, or discover your unique affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing Events in November 2022

10. Web Summit

November 1-4 in Lisbon, Portugal

The Web Summit is a tech conference that talks about all things marketing and technology, which can be a powerful opportunity for affiliates and affiliate marketers to learn even more about the overall industry. They have dozens of speakers and several masterclasses each day that attendees can choose from to make the most of their experience.


November 2-4 in San Diego, California

STACK’D is a digital marketing conference hosted by PartnerStack, a SaaS company in partner management. The focus of many speaking topics is on partnership and affiliate marketing. Some of the items on the agenda include, “How Partnerships Can Help Ignite Growth” and “What It Takes to Build a Soaring Affiliate Program.”

12. Affiliate Conference

November 7-8 in Munich, Germany

Affiliate Conference is a German conference that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. It’s a two-day conference, with an in-person networking event on November 7th in Munich, Germany, and an online workshop on November 8th. The website is fully in German, so this conference is likely catered to German speakers who are interested in affiliate marketing.


November 13-14 in Tel Aviv, Israel

The DMIEXPO is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, this year, and is the self-proclaimed fastest-growing digital and affiliate marketing conference. There are nearly 3,000 attendees, over 100 speakers, and over 120 different exhibitors and sponsors. This means there are endless networking opportunities for both affiliates and marketers.

14. B2B Marketing Expo

November 22-23 in London, England

The B2B Marketing Expo is a massive conference with typically over 6,000 attendees. It focuses on more aspects of marketing than just affiliate marketing and is catered to the B2B industry. Though B2C ae-commerce tends to be more popular in the affiliate world, there are still so many B2B companies that could benefit from learning how to do affiliate marketing properly.

15. Affiliate World Asia

November 30-December 1 in Bangkok, Thailand

Affiliate World Asia is hosted by Affiliate World Conferences, and they host conferences in Asia, Dubai, and Europe annually. The next one is in Asia, in Bangkok Thailand, and is the world’s #1 performance marketing conference with over 4,500 attendees each year. 

Affiliate Marketing Events in December 2022

16. WebCongress

December 7 in Miami, Florida

WebCongress is an annual conference held in Miami, Florida, based on technology and digital marketing concepts. Some of the topics that will be discussed include technology, marketing, startups, business, and digital. This one-day conference is broken into learning sessions and networking opportunities to give every attendee exactly what they’re looking for in an event.

17. Marketing 2.0 Conference

December 19-21 in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Marketing 2.0 Conference has both a USA conference and a Dubai conference, but the next one is being held in the USA in Las Vegas, Nevada. The three-day conference has a mixture of panel discussions, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities. Some of the topics include, “Mega Trends That Will Redefine Digital Marketing In 2023” and “Scaling Your Personalized Content Strategy To Drive Customer Loyalty & Spend.”

Affiliate Marketing Events in January 2023

18. Affiliate Summit West 2023

January 23-25 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Affiliate Summit has two annual conferences: Affiliate Summit West and Affiliate Summit East. The Affiliate Summit East conference for 2023 has not yet been announced, but the Affiliate Summit West is kicking off our year of affiliate marketing events. This conference has over 6,000 attendees and they offer four different types of passes based on your needs: Networking, Affiliate, VIP, or Networking Plus.

19. ICAMM 2023

January 30-31 in New York, New York

ICAMM, or International Conference on Affiliate Marketing and Management, is hosted by the International Research Conference. They have several similar conferences each year to gather scholarly information about affiliate marketing. Interested authors can research and submit a paper for consideration for the conference.

Affiliate Marketing Events in February 2023

20. iGB Affiliate

February 8-11 in London, England

iGB Affiliate is a publication dedicated to improving the success of the gamin gaming affiliate community, and their annual conference is a great way for all those involved the d to the network each year. Hosted by iGB (iGaming Business), they have t own awards to give out each year as well to the top companies and affiliates attending their event.

Affiliate Marketing Events in April 2023

21. PI Live

April 2-4 in Miami, Florida

We already covered one PI Live conference in London in October 2022, but this one is in Miami and is their first 2023 event. They’re hosting a three-day conference in Miami, Florida, and are expecting a wide range of leading brands to sponsor and attend. Join the waitlist to learn more about when tickets go on sale for this event.

Affiliate Marketing Events in June 2023

22. SiGMA Americas

June 13-16 in Toronto, Canada

As you may have gathered from some of the events on our list, affiliate marketing is extremely prominent in the gaming and gambling community, and there are several conferences dedicated to that specific vertical. The SiGMA conference is another, and they host them all over the world. This June 2023 event will be held in Toronto, Canada, for those located in North America to attend.

23. DigiMarCon South Atlantic

June 26-27 in Charlotte, North Carolina

This conference is another option for people all over the world. While we’re highlighting their South Atlantic conference in June 2023, they host over 30 annual conferences all over the world. This is a two-day event filled with keynote speakers, panel discussions, master classes, networking, and so much more.

Start Attending Affiliate Marketing Events in 2022 & 2023

Start increasing your profits and revenue from affiliate marketing. Learn more about what affiliate marketing is and how it can be so powerful for your business by attending affiliate marketing events and conferences in the next year. Browse through our top recommendations to find a conference near you that has topics and seminars that you’re interested in learning about.