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Victoria tackling online gambling harm with new measures

The Australian state of Victoria has announced that a series of new measures are to be put in place to help protect players from harm when playing online and to promote responsible gambling.

The Victorian government has outlined new measures that will be staggered from July 31st but include the distribution of monthly activity statements to players and players’ ability to access their record of betting transactions either immediately or within 14 days of the request.

But, taking it a step further, wagering service providers must ensure that all staff, contractors, and directors involved in providing betting services go through a responsible service wagering training course, with annual refreshers.

According to the Victoria government website: “The Foundation-funded Study of gambling and health in Victoria found 70.1 percent of Victorian's gamble, most of whom (82.2 percent) show no signs of harm from their gambling. This means almost one in five (around 550,000) Victorians who gamble may be experiencing harm from gambling.

In addition, 2.8 percent of people surveyed as part of the study reported experiencing harm as a result of someone else’s gambling in the preceding 12 months.”

The website also stressed that gambling isn’t just affecting the initial player, saying, “Given the ripple effect of gambling harm, and recognizing it not only affects people who gamble and those close to them but also the broader community, the Foundation commissioned a major study into the impact of gambling harm in Victoria.”

The website outlines the effects of gambling harm into seven types, made up of relationship difficulties, health problems, emotional or psychological distress, financial problems, issues with work or study, cultural problems, and criminal activity.