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Belgium warns operators to comply on the run up to the Qatar World Cup

In a letter sent to all the major publications in Belgium, the Belgian Gambling Commission stressed that operators should be complying with their licensing obligations in the run-up to the Qatar World Cup.

The letter, which is only available in French and Dutch, stresses the importance of the Belgian Gaming Act, Acts 5 and 6.

Act 5 says that a sign must be placed less than a meter from any betting terminal that points out that players should not use loans or advancements to bet and that it is illegal for minors to gamble. Act 6 says that operators should have at least two folders containing information on problem gambling placed on a stand below the aforementioned sign, allowing it to be readily available for players.

In a translated segment from the letter, the Belgian Gambling Commission said: “On the eve of the Qatar World Cup, which will certainly lead to an increase in activity in Paris, we would like to remind you of [Acts 5 and 6 of the Belgian Gaming Act].

“The control unit of the Gaming Commission attaches great importance to compliance with these obligations and will verify them during its inspections. … We thank you for your collaboration in a spirit of collective responsibility. ‘Together for better protection’.”