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Snapchat is partnering with Cameo for new marketing feature

Social media platform Snapchat has partnered up with Cameo, the platform known for being a marketplace for shoutouts from celebrities.

They unveiled their new feature as part of Snapchat’s NewFronts presentation, where Cameo members, meaning the famous faces that fans are paying to see can post endorsements of brands and products. For example, the launch kicked off with a Snap of Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan talking up Velveeta cheese.

This latest revamp of celebrity endorsements allows any one of their catalog of 45,000 celebrities to opt into endorsing a range of brands. However, celebrities can also opt not to do an endorsement if they see an issue with the idea.

What does this mean for marketers?

This is a good idea for marketers as it offers social media marketing an element that has been previously missing: celebrity endorsements. You could say that an influencer affiliate is the social media equivalent, and you could even argue the smaller the audience the better, as in the case of micro-influencers, but the A-list celebrities of the world are usually not approached unless the brand has very deep pockets.

And advertising on Snapchat is also a good idea. Snapchat now has 332 million daily active users, which is more than PinterestReddit, and even Twitter. Snapchat also boasts a younger audience, which is something Facebook is still in the process of desperately chasing. According to Snapchat, over 80% of the US Gen Z population was watching Snap originals in 2021.
So, there is a lot of incentive for marketers to get involved with the new Snap feature, which will launch in the US in May.