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Are you ready to AMPLIFY? What went down at Day 2 of the AffiliateINSIDER Summit?

What did you learn on Day 2 of the AffiliateINSIDER Summit? We were able to take away some great insights.

In addition to our fantastic panels, we had a fascinating Masterclass in the evening that we hoped you didn’t miss. Our experts worked hard to create a series of interesting and informative workshops that will give you the inside track across several disciplines.

Just as Day 1 was able to deliver a host of interesting knowledge to you, we hope that Day 2 was also able to bring you plenty to help you AMPLIFY your affiliate marketing!
Let’s just take a quick reminder of everything that happened on Day 2!

A fresh day of panels

You no doubt learned plenty across our four panels on Day 1, and this continued with our next set on Day 2. Thank you to our panelists and everyone who took part in the discussions – we learned some great insights to carry us forward in 2022!
Here is what we learned on Day 2!

Up first was Amplifying your Affiliate Partner Performance in a Fragmented Marketplace from 10:15 to 11:15 GMT.
  • Customers want a more meaningful content experience so a one-size-fits-all policy does not work. Approaches must be tailored and authentic
  • Affiliate managers need to provide partners with resources and educational tools to ensure that they are well-informed – remember that your affiliates are your customers too!
  • Invest internally, especially when it comes to talent and tech

From 11:30 to 12:30 GMT, we had Blockchain and Crypto – Looking Forward to Web3.0.
  • Blockchain is a missed opportunity that affiliate managers should look to implement if they wish to get ahead of the competition
  • Having shown success in iGaming, it might soon be coming to retail, so affiliate managers could consider paying affiliates in crypto and including crypto wallets in their websites
  • This is the perfect time to embrace what crypto has to offer and even potentially become an expert in this ever-growing niche

After that, we headed to Spotlight on Sports Betting – Growth Opportunities & Leveraging a Competitive Edge from 13:30 to 14:30 GMT.
  • You need to understand how the younger market engages with sports betting. The under 35-market is one of the biggest and is predominantly male, but there is a growing segment of female bettors
  • Security is a must, followed by measures to ensure that customers complete the full purchase journey from downloading an app to placing a wager
  • Manage and segment your data correctly, and ensure that affiliates and micro-influencers are properly educated to promote this niche correctly

And last, but certainly not least, our final free panel was Spotlight on Casino, Bingo & Lottery – How to Get Ahead of your Competitors and it will take place from 14:45 – 15:45 GMT.
  • Trends like gamification is key for ensuring that the rewards and incentives are there to capture the attention of players and keep them coming back
  • Internal marketers need to have the knowledge to educate affiliates about both the products and the casino experience, plus areas like self-regulation
  • Affiliate partners here are not just acquisitions but a true marketing partners that you can fully utilize as part of your strategy

Even more expert speakers

Of course, we had another brilliant set of experts ready to share all they know with their panels. Some of the people offering their knowledge to delegates on Day included Becky LiggeroAlex Markov, and Mikael Jamsenen amongst others!
Thank you again to our sponsors – CJImpactRefersionTipalti, and Partnerize for their help in creating this event and allowing our delegates to learn from the best in the industry!

Get ready for the Masterclasses

To round off the AffiliateINSIDER Summit, we had one final Masterclass.
This was the SEO Masterclass – Digging for Gold: How to Amplify your SEO Content from Lidia Infante, the expert SEO consultant.
  • Identify your competition – who they are, what they are doing – and devise a strategy to help you do it better than them
  • Find missed content opportunities through tools like Semrush’s keyword gap analysis to create a prioritized content strategy organized by keyword
These Masterclasses have been invaluable to many, so a huge thank you to both Lidia and our experts on Day 1 – Lee-Ann, Dean, Matt, and Sharon – for their hard work creating these programs. They have been packed with the very latest innovations and guidance for their respective niches, so hopefully you should be able to put the information learned to good use!

Get ready to do it all again with AffiliateINSIDER ELEVATE!

And just like that, Day 2 and the AffiliateINSIDER Summit are all over!
We would like to thank all of our sponsors, speakers, and delegates for making the AffiliateINSIDER Summit into such an amplified event packed with insight and innovation.
What would you say about doing it all again?
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Congratulations, you have learned how to AMPLIFY your affiliate marketing, but now it is time to ELEVATE it!