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‘Creator Safety Center’ Launched on YouTube

YouTube has launched a new Creator Safety Center feature which is aimed at helping creators to avoid any attention or interactions that they don’t want. The new feature will include lots of advice, key links, and tips on related elements of YouTube’s features.

YouTube explained the move:
“In a recent survey, we learned that while 95 percent of creators experienced unwanted behavior across multiple social platforms, only 50 percent said they had access to resources or the necessary support to handle these interactions.”

The video platform took this information on board and collaborated with third-party experts such as the National Cybersecurity AllianceThe Family Online Safety Institute, and ConnectSafely to create this new collection of advice and tips on how creators can stay safe on YouTube.

The Creator Safety Center has a wealth of information, such as how creators can manage safety problems while maintaining channel growth as well as how to take steps against bullying, account hijacking, trolling, and more.

Although most of this information is not new, it has been compiled into one space that is organized and accessible, primarily aimed at helping creators to address any common safety concerns they may have.

The Creator Safety Center comes with a wider attempt from YouTube to understand how it is working as a platform to continue to support underrepresented communities and create opportunities for creators from minority groups.

The platform will be sharing more ways in which it is helping these communities over the next few weeks, as well as the different tools and processes it is putting in place to maximize the potential of every user on YouTube.