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BetConnect launches new platform

BetConnect has launched a brand-new platform. It will allow customers to connect with all major bookmakers in the UK on one account.

The new platform

The betting exchange operator has developed a brand-new platform to promote transparency and provide a better gaming experience for its users. Players will be able to back bets in the same way as they would through a bookmaker. This is helpful for those unfamiliar with the process of exchange betting.
Founder and CEO, Daniel Schreiber, said: “We believe the industry needs to be opened up and far more transparent for everyday punters and professional gamblers alike. Our new platform is built to deliver this, ensuring the proposition is accessible and far easier to use for the mass market whilst also enabling pros to get their bets matched.”

A history of BetConnect

BetConnect has steadily risen to the top of its game since it launched in 2018. Customers can bet on all major sporting events including football, boxing and even horseracing.
Despite the launch of a brand-new platform, the company will remain an exchange. This development will ensure they appeal to a wider pool of online players regardless of their skill or expertise in the field of sports betting.

Expansion plans

The company will add a range of sports to its betting roster later this year. Esports will appear in the second half. They are one of the first UK platforms to offer this service. Existing players will be able to bet on video games and online tournaments in real-time.
They added: “This marks an exciting new phase for BetConnect and we look forward to bringing transparency, choice and fairness to more and more punters in the years ahead.”