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Instagram warns influencers to reject deals as affiliate commerce program shuts down

In a surprising move, Meta, and by extension Instagram and Facebook, are moving away from a lot of their eCommerce features, including the affiliate commerce program on Instagram.
In an announcement on the Instagram Help Centre, the platform says: “Instagram’s current affiliate commerce program will end in August. From 31 August, creators will no longer be able to tag commission-eligible products, and existing content will no longer earn a commission.”
“This decision reflects feedback from brands and creators and is part of an ongoing commitment to providing the products and features they most value.”

This is corporation speak that confirms the rumor that Meta is refocusing what remaining funds they have into the Metaverse. As such, a lot of eCommerce features, like the affiliate commerce program, have been removed from the platforms.

Going even further, another page outlines how you, as a creator, can reject any affiliate commissions coming at you from the Instagram affiliate commerce program, to not cut off a deal at its peak. You can find the details here.

“Meta will pay a commission for any eligible purchases made before August 31, 2022, after the program closes. This will be the last payment creators receive as part of the Instagram affiliate test.

“Eligible creators and sellers who have previously used affiliate on Instagram have now been invited to creator marketplace, which helps connect brands with creators and makes it easier to collaborate on projects.”

It would have been a big boost for affiliate marketing, had it been given the time to get off the ground.