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Instagram launches ‘Add Your’ stickers to facilitate engagement

Instagram has launched ‘Add Your’ stickers in an attempt to facilitate engagement amongst its users. It can be added to Stories to prompt followers to respond to content with engaging replies.

A move towards greater interaction

In responding to a ‘Add Your’ Sticker, Instagram users will be added to a bubble listing which, when tapped, will enable fellow respondents to view all responses to the thread. This builds something of a response chain and allows non-followers to connect with one another through the app. The feature is simple to use and can be found by swiping up on a Story nestled between the Mention and Questions stickers.
It has been in the testing phase for a month with select users in Indonesia and Japan given the opportunity to experiment with the feature on their Stories. It has now been rolled out to all users globally.

The battle of the video-based apps

It may have only launched but it has already been compared to TikTok’s Duet feature which allows several users to respond to a video chain. This leads to a lengthy, interactive stream of videos that are all related to the theme of the original video.
This comes as TikTok continues to battle it out for control of the most popular social media channel and others have followed suit by shifting their focus to concentrate on both short-form and long-form video-based content.
Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who also owns Instagram, also recently noted that the app will prioritise serving young adults as opposed to its older users going forward. This move is, therefore, likely to only be the first in a long line of updates similar to those already offered by TikTok in the coming months.