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YouTube Shorts now have a voiceover feature

YouTube is continuing in its efforts to rival short-form video rivals Instagram and, especially TikTok. Recently, YouTube has concentrated on developing and expanding YouTube Shorts, its short-form video platform where clips are limited to 60 seconds.

Now, creators will have the option to add a voiceover to their clips, which will further improve the creative opportunities and potential of the format. YouTube detailed the new feature in an update, suggesting that the voiceover function could be used for things like “instructions, explanations, reactions, funny comments, or even adding your own new sounds and beyond”.

The process to add a voiceover to a clip is simple, users can access the feature via the checkmark button at the bottom right of the camera screen. Upon selection the voiceover button will be displayed, users can then scroll through the clip with a playhead to select where they want the voiceover to begin. Volume parameters can be used to balance the voiceover with other audio elements in the clip.

While TikTok and Instagram Reels already have their own voiceover features, the move is indicative of YouTube’s desire to rival these companies and secure a foothold in the short-form video market.

YouTube confirmed that the feature is now available on iOS devices, with news on an Android rollout yet to be disclosed.

The move comes shortly after YouTube further monetized the Shorts feature through the inclusion of Super Thanks.