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Speakers and experts you don’t want to miss at ELEVATE!

The ELEVATE Summit is getting closer and closer! Join us June 14-15 for networking, panels, and masterclasses all built around the most exciting opportunities in the world of affiliate marketing. All of our speakers and experts have been hand-picked as the leaders in their industry!
These are the people you want to go to if there is a gap in your knowledge. Join us for two days packed with all the information you could ever want to know. This Summit has been designed to give you all the opportunities to learn from the very best speakers and experts in the industry.
Here are some of the headliners and speakers that we are most excited to hear from!

Robin Albrecht, BigCommerce

Robin is the Affiliate Partnerships Manager for BigCommerce. She has managed partnerships across the B2B space for the last 3 years, and she has also worked on the publisher side of things at a B2B content site. Her expertise and experience on both sides give her a unique perspective of the industry that allows her to mix decisions driven by data with the flexibility of the partnership model.
You can find Robin speaking in our first panel, B2B Affiliate Programs – How to Elevate your B2B affiliate partnerships and drive more sales for your brand, from 11:30 – 12:30 BST on Tuesday the 14th.

Nikita Zhitkevich, Partnerstack

Nikita is the Director of Channel Partnerships at PartnerStack. This is a PRM platform that creates a single tool for both program managers and partners that helps them to manage all aspects of the affiliate marketing process from onboarding to payments and more, and his knowledge of this area is unmatchable.
Nikita will be speaking alongside Robin on our first panel. Tune in for an in-depth discussion on how to drive B2B programs and build successful strategies to help promote these programs and partnerships.

Marcus Foley, Tommy

Marcus is the co-founder of Tommy, a global creative agency that has worked with some of the biggest entertainment brands around – like Netflix and Paramount. He has key insights in terms of how marketers capture – and lose – your attention.

Make sure to stop by our second panel, The rise of Micro Affiliates and how best to manage them, get better ROI and ELEVATE your brand through their unique content creations, at 12:45 – 13:45 BST on Day 1 to see Marcus in action on panel!

Raj Nijer, Refersion

Raj is the CMO at Refersion, one of the leading eCommerce performance marketing platforms, but he has extensive experience gathered from executive leadership roles in other fascinating parts of the industry. In his role at Refersion, he gets to work alongside the best in affiliate marketing.

He will be offering his insights alongside Marcus on the panel mentioned above. Micro-influencers and affiliates offer some of the most interesting opportunities in the industry. Don’t miss this panel if you want to know how to leverage the customer reach available through these partnerships.

Helen Southgate, Acceleration Partners

Helen has gathered over 20 years of experience across the digital marketing sector and is currently the Chief Global Officer at Acceleration Partners. In this role, she is responsible for delivering global strategy across the business, and she has amassed some incredible experience from her prior roles.

We can’t wait to hear her with our other speakers and experts on our third panel – The CMO’s Affiliate Playbook  How to ELEVATE affiliate performance within your marketing strategy to gain better brand momentum and grow your sales – on Day 1 at 14:00 to 1500 BST.

Stephanie Harris, PartnerCentric

Stephanie is the CEO and owner of PartnerCentric. This is the largest woman-owned performance marketing agency in the USA and her work in the industry has given her access to incredible vision and drive, and what is needed to take the affiliate marketing industry to the next level.

She will be offering her expertise alongside Helen at The CMO’s Affiliate Playbook panel. Did you know that 70% of CMOs admit that they don’t fully understand the affiliate marketing model? We aim to fix this with this panel – a full insight on how to focus and understand the relationship between this role and affiliate marketing, and how it works to ELEVATE brands.

Seb Barden, Unilever

Seb has gained over 15 years of experience in the digital and eCommerce spheres and now puts them to good use at Unilever. He has worked extensively with other major organizations on a global level, and he has plenty to offer in terms of insights for 2022 and beyond.
Catch him on the panel with Helen and Stephanie at The CMO’s Affiliate Playbook panel – it is going to be one you don’t want to miss!

Brook Schaef, FMTC

Having been in the affiliate marketing world for over twenty years, Brook has a real wealth of experience that made him the perfect choice to be one of our speakers and experts. He has co-founded two companies, including FMTC.

He will be speaking at our Affiliate Tech & Innovation: Are you working smarter vs harder to ELEVATE your program performance and deliver on your sales goals? panel on Day 2 of the ELEVATE Summit. Don’t miss it from 14:00 to 15:00 BST!

Evan Weber,

Evan is the founder of, a SAAS tool that is designed to help affiliate managers connect with publishers with ease. He has also had an extensive career in digital marketing, touching on nearly every aspect that you can think of!

You can hear him speak on our panel on How to ELEVATE your publisher and partner performance by understanding and LISTENING to what affiliates want and need from 12:45 to 13:45 BST on Day 2.

Jake Barber, RedBrain

Jake is a Senior Account Manager at RedBrain. With three years of experience under his belt, he has some key insights into how to help big retailers understand how they can use aspects of affiliate marketing to raise parts of their business.

Jake will be appearing alongside Evan on the panel mentioned above. They and the other speakers will be discussing their pet peeves in the industry while busting open some of the biggest misunderstandings and misconceptions about the industry, all while delivering the latest tips and insights to help you grow your sales and program.

These are just some of the amazing speakers and experts who will be offering their tips and tricks to help you take your affiliate marketing to the next level! With so much expertise on offer, you will be able to boost any aspects of your programs and skills you might think of.
Don’t miss out – grab your ticket to the ELEVATE Summit today to learn from the best speakers and experts in the affiliate marketing industry!