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Belgium is expanding its self-exclusion scheme into retail betting

The Belgian Gaming Commission is expanding its successful self-exclusion scheme into retail betting. Having launched for online gaming, the Excluded Persons Information System (EPIS) will be expanded into retail betting too.

EPIS is designed to identify players who have previously indicated that they would like to self-exclude from online betting. The EPIS then will ban them from participating. It was initially in use for online betting and iGaming but has expanded into land-based casinos and slot arcades.

The Belgian Gaming Commission’s regulation has been controversial among operators since it required an option of the temporary self-exclusion which has to be at least six months long. This is one element that makes Belgium one of the strictest regulators in Europe, amongst its strict ban on all forms of gambling advertising. EPIS is therefore considered one of the leading tools against gambling addiction.

Local operator trade association, Bago, President Tom de Clercq said, “Today, more and more legal operators are deploying algorithms and artificial intelligence to quickly identify emerging problematic gambling behaviors and offer solutions to players, including advising them to register on the EPIS list. If we want to fight gambling addiction effectively, this is the way to go.”