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Meta fully rolls out Professional Mode

Meta has confirmed that its Professional Mode option is now available to all creators on the platform.

Previously, the feature was only made available to a select handful of creators, as Meta looked to further tweak and optimize the option.

Now, creators across the world will have access to Professional Mode, giving them far more creative options and greater opportunities for analytics and monetization.

Users will be able to join the Reels Play bonus program, earning money from sharing reels with followers.

Meta is looking to further implement the Facebook Stars feature through Professional Mode. Stars are digital currencies that fans and followers can purchase and send to creators to show their support. Creators who make content for reels, live video, and video on demand will be able to receive Stars, with plans to integrate the feature into image and text posts also in the pipeline.

Eligible Professional Mode creators will also have the chance to earn revenue through in-stream ads. These can be enabled to run before, during, and/or after streams. The company has also confirmed that it is testing reel ads to boost monetization options for creators.

Additionally, users will have the chance to introduce subscriptions, providing exclusive content for subscribing viewers.

Finally, Professional Mode will offer extensive follower engagement tools such as new collaboration options, as well as deeper analytic insights through a new professional dashboard.