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UK’s PM resigns, delaying gambling white paper schedule

The news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned from his position has likely not been lost on British citizens, but British iGaming is not untouched by the news. Online gaming operators are particularly worried about the state of the white paper schedule, which could delay industry-wide changes.

iGaming is one of a few industries unique in its instant and felt effect by the government. The resignation of the PM comes after the resignation of 58 members of the cabinet, including the minister responsible for the Gambling Act Review, Chris Philp. And with such a big event, it’s clear to see how iGaming operators are rather alarmed by the move as they believe the UK sector of gambling has been put “in limbo”.

And they’re not entirely wrong. Entain chief executive Jette Nygaard-Andersen said of the white paper delay, “It’s probably unlikely that it comes out before the summer recess. Yes, it can still be amended and will be consulted on once it’s published, but we are quite confident that the process is working. Number 10 and the treasury are still taking in comments.”

Speaking before Boris Johnson resigned, Northridge Law partner Melanie Ellis said, “I think it would affect the timing of it. But I think there is general cross-party support for gambling reform, so even if there’s a snap election, we’ll see changes,” she said. “And ultimately any changes would be debated in Parliament.

“So ultimately I don’t think it would make a massive difference to the outcome, but it could push the timing back a bit.”