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Publisher Discovery launches new Chrome extension

Leading developer of AI and machine learning technologies Publisher Discovery has announced the launch of its new Chrome extension. This brand has extensive experience in affiliate marketing and online advertising and so this new extension marks a further step forward for the company. The extension offers valuable insights for affiliate managers.

How the extension works

The concept behind the new Google Chrome extension released by Publisher Discovery is to offer easy access to insights on affiliates as you are browsing the internet. There are already millions of affiliates and advertisers who have signed up to use this extension.
Some of the key benefits of this extension include the option to instantly spot affiliates and access your insights from one place. Additionally, you can save affiliates that you like so that you can keep track of them. They also offer contact information to aid affiliate recruitment for those involved.

Who can benefit from this extension?

When you install the new Chrome extension from Publisher Discovery, you’ll get to choose your vertical and find out which affiliates are promoting it. From what we have seen, this tool is especially useful for FOREX and trading affiliate managers who want to discover new affiliates. You’ll find that companies like Pepperstone already use this for partner discovery.
According to Publish Discovery, there have already been over 2,500 affiliates recruited via this extension and nearly 5,000 websites researched. If you are interested in making use of this tool then we recommend that you download it today. Visit the link to get started on improving your partner discovery process.