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Twitter Moves to Sign Up Logged Out Users

Twitter is trying out a new feature to enhance the experiences of logged-out users, even without creating a profile.

This new trial by Twitter would ask users for very minimal information so that they can browse easier, in the hope that this will encourage more users to sign up for a real account.

Although this feature is not massively different from the current trial Twitter offers to its non-logged-in users but is hoped to be able to increase its active user count more effectively. This is vital for Twitter in the current market where social apps are beginning to struggle more and more.

With this move, Twitter is specifically targeting what it calls it's ‘logged out users’ which are the consumers who read Tweets on Twitter without ever signing in or registering with the platform. This type of user makes up a staggeringly large portion of Twitter users, with over 500 million logged-out users reported in 2015.

Nowadays, this figure sits at around half, and Twitter still sees a lot of potential with its new process aimed at converting more people to become actual members of Twitter, which will give the platform more scope to analyze user behavior patterns and engagement.

If users want to engage in any of the main features of Twitter such as liking, tweeting, retweeting, saving, etc. they will still have to sign up and make an account, but this move could be the push that some lurking users need to make an account and give Twitter access to analytics data.