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Snapchat expands shopping features

Snapchat has announced a partnership with BigCommerce, through which the social platform will work to integrate more in-app shopping experiences.

BigCommerce merchants will be able to display their products directly in Snaps, allowing users to follow links and make purchases.

The move comes as Snapchat looks to further develop the shopping features on the platform, in an attempt to appeal to the app’s audience of 363 million users.

The company has also been working on creating digital, buyable clothing options for its Bitmoji avatars, giving users a greater deal of control and customization over the look of their in-app representation.

BigCommerce merchants in the US can now sync their product lines with their Snapchat accounts through an option on the BigCommerce user dashboard. The feature is planned for launch in additional regions next year.

Merchants will be able to measure their Snapchat performance through the use of Snap Pixel, which will provide detailed metrics and insights.

“BigCommerce merchants of all sizes in the US can now directly integrate their store as a one-stop shop to sync product catalogs and create immersive Snapchat ad campaigns to broaden customer reach, open new revenue streams and ultimately scale their business to the next level,” a BigCommerce spokesperson said.