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Meta launches ad campaign around ad tracking

The social media platform, Meta, has launched an advertising campaign around advertising – specifically ad tracking.

Most likely as a result of tech giant Apple’s latest update, Meta is trying to reiterate to the industry the merits of personalized advert tracking with its marketing campaign. Apple’s ATT update for iOS allows users to opt out of data tracking, almost entirely.

The concept has been criticized a lot and might even see Apple lose around $10 billion in 2022, however, on the other side of this, you have Meta, previously Facebook, which has been consistently criticized for its data collection and selling of data to third parties as unethical.
Due to the controversial nature of the topic, Meta appears to appeal to marketers in an ad tracking-themed ad campaign through social media marketing, including a trailer found on YouTube.

What is Meta saying?

Through the Meta trailer and its tagline “Good Ideas Deserve to Be Found”, Meta aims to reinforce the merits of presenting the user with exactly what appeals to them and the subtle idea that good ideas will then be lost amongst a sea of other ideas.
As explained by Meta in a statement:
“While there are some glimmers of optimism, small businesses are still facing the challenge of a lifetime. Meta’s most recent Global State of Small Business Survey showed that 20% of small businesses around the world were still not operational as of January 2022. Personalized ads have been a lifeline for small businesses through the pandemic, helping them find new customers and grow when it was difficult for people to be in person. 74% of SMBs using personalized ads reported that these advertisements were important to the success of their business.”

What does this mean for marketing?

Marketers are likely to have an opinion on the concept of ad tracking, however, affiliate marketing at least, allows you to market to exactly who you are aiming for without data collection.
For the rest of the marketing industry, this is an ongoing debate with no clear conclusion as yet.