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Paysafe launches e-commerce affiliate platform

Paysafe has announced the launch of its publishers marketplace to boost customer acquisition for e-commerce merchants.

What’s in store?

As a result of the brand-new platform, e-commerce merchants from a wide range of industries and sectors can boost their growth and development in the long run. The niches set to benefit from this up-and-coming platform are financial, education, health and wellness, and online gaming, just to name a few.
Paysafe will provide brands with support in management, marketing, and outreach with the program largely performance-based with low barriers of entry.
They will also facilitate relationships between brands and allow them to identify and collaborate with competitors in their field to leverage a shared target audience and boost revenue.

A win-win situation

Paysafe hope the move will give e-commerce merchants the opportunity to prioritise collaboration between brands and capitalise on a number of affiliate partnerships. These include pay-per-click advertising, social media, influencer marketing, blogs, and cashback and coupons.
By registering with the platform, e-commerce merchants will also benefit from access to a network of affiliate performance marketers and even free set-up fees for the first 100 business owners to join its platform. This will allow them to drive more commissions within the first few months of joining.
Affiliate marketing leader for Paysafe, Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, said: “We have always been passionate about affiliate marketing and are excited to launch a marketplace that creates an opportunity for online merchants to scale their respective businesses,”
“With Paysafe Publishers’ risk-free, performance-based approach, eCommerce merchants can increase sales, drive customer acquisition and identify other merchants with which to form revenue-generating partnerships.”