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Meta shares “insights” into customers’ views on big tech shifts like the Metaverse

In another attempt to boost the appeal of the Metaverse, Meta has released a new survey that aims to convince readers of the customer appeal of the virtual shopping experience.

As per Meta: “We found that today’s shoppers are interested in next-level experiences with brands. Whether it’s exploring a product through immersive technology or making sure their avatars are every bit as stylish as they are in the physical world, shoppers want a greater sense of connection and inspiration with the brands they engage with.”

Key findings from its survey include:

  • 42% of shoppers believe that the metaverse will positively transform their shopping experience.
  • 51% say that virtual stores will offer a more convenient way to shop
  • 50% of respondents indicated that they believe that brands will need to have a presence on gaming platforms and other virtual worlds to be successful in future

However, this is Meta making assumptions based on the concept. As SocialMediaToday put it: “But that’s not real. Meta’s selling people on a concept that it cannot deliver just yet. Will it be able to deliver on such in the future? Maybe, but there’s a lot that needs to happen before brands need to truly consider how they appear in a metaverse space, be it the one created by Meta, or any other.”

The Metaverse might well be the next step in internet shopping, but that is not the case yet. Ultimately Meta’s survey concluded that customers are excited about new ways to shop.