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TikTok Publishes Ad Campaign Guide for Collaborations

TikTok has risen to become one of the most important social media apps we have access to at the moment. As influencers rise in popularity, affiliate marketers, companies, and TikTokers themselves must understand the rules for collaborations and marketing campaigns. TikTok themselves have created an ad campaign guide to offer guidance.

The guide lays out some of the key insights that a marketer might want to know if they have never used the platform, including stats on response and ad effectiveness.

This guide also includes creative tips to help those unfamiliar with the platform quickly improve their understanding of what works on this platform. Creating content for TikTok is extremely different than even other video-based platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. Though these two platforms have taken steps to attempt to emulate TikTok’s style of content, there are still plenty of differences between them.

This platform is on track to surpass 1.5 billion users in 2022, which could place it as the second-biggest social media app online. Any marketers who are not yet using TikTok should look into some of the opportunities that it can deliver. This ad campaign guide shows that the platform themselves are taking an interest in what is on their apps.
Such a move could lead to more regulation in terms of the ads portrayed on TikTok, but also a clearer picture of what marketers can deliver.