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The UK delays ban on marketing targeting at-risk players

It was announced on September 2nd that the UK’s planned ban on gaming operators from marketing or interacting with at-risk players for gambling-related harm has been delayed until next year.

According to the UK gambling authority, The Gambling Commission, some rules from the Social Responsibility Code Provision 3.4.3., which was published in April, will be enforced as soon as the 12 of September, but others, like a ban on marketing targeting at-risk players, will have to wait until February 2023.

The Gambling Commission said: “After careful consideration, we have decided that the majority of the new requirements will come into force as planned on 12 September. Remote gambling operators are already subject to a duty to conduct effective customer interaction, and the new requirements reflect the minimum steps that we consider are necessary to meet that duty.”

The Commission added: “The guidance is a living document which is intended to be amended over time. As part of the consultation, we will be particularly interested to hear about good practice in implementing the requirements, based on the lessons learned by operators during the period between April and September, and to hear about any implications arising out of recent research, evidence, and casework.”