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Pinterest adds product display options and shopping API

Pinterest is making a push into becoming the latest retail app with a host of new features, including product display options, a Shop Tab, Business Profiles, and a shopping API.

The Product Tagging for Pins is much like tags you would see in Instagram posts, taking the user from a photo of the item to the site where they can buy them. The Shop Tab, also recognizable to Instagram users, allows influencers and brands to showcase their online stores on their profiles.
Meanwhile, Pinterest’s API for Shopping is a shopping interface that should allow users to find more of what they want to transfer those wants into buys straight from the site.

As explained by Pinterest: “With product tagging, merchants can add products from their catalog to their scene images. Pinners can easily shop for the exact items they love from the inspiring imagery they find.”

“With the new Shop Tab on Business Profile, merchants can easily display shoppable products to browsing Pinners. This new feature is a high-intent shopping surface, and in fact, 30% of Shopify merchants on Pinterest get their first attributed checkout from their Shop tab.”
Pinterest’s push into retail is obvious when you take into account their latest move to offer pin ads to Argentina, Colombia, and Chile.

“Businesses of all sizes now have access to multiple types of ad formats and targeting options in Argentina, Colombia, and Chile, to reach new audiences with meaningful, useful content as they discover ideas and plan new projects,” they said.