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LinkedIn prompts engagement with new “Person” and “Page” stickers

It’s easy to forget that LinkedIn can be an affiliate platform too, but it’s a great place for B2B brands and influencers that maybe focus on business, hustle, or student culture to do some affiliate marketing.

LinkedIn itself must be aware of this because they are aiming to imitate another feature of more popular platforms, in this case, Instagram.

The stickers already allowed you to add a link to perhaps promote products or websites, but now you can add a “person” or a “page”. A person would be the equivalent of tagging someone in your post, usually for credit or a shoutout, and the page can send you to a reference site.

As explained by SocialMediaToday: “While LinkedIn Stories didn’t work out, elements of what would have been in LinkedIn Stories now seem to be finding their way into LinkedIn’s regular post options, including these link sticker options, as well as new post templates.”

The site makes an interesting observation, or more likely a theory, saying: “With Twitter about to get weird under Elon Musk, LinkedIn could be about to see a lot more activity, especially if business people looking to build their brand go seeking a new outlet for community-building.”

It’ll be interesting to see what the social media landscape is like under the rule of Mr. Musk.