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Finnish Centre for Integrity in Sports partners with Sportradar

Sportradar and the government-funded non-profit, the Finish Centre for Integrity in Sports have partnered up to monitor several matches in football, basketball, and handball.

Sportradar will monitor several Finish sports using the Universal Fraud Detection System, which looks for abnormalities in betting patterns and reports suspicions. It has detected over 600 in 2022 so far and 7,300 since its launch 17 years ago.

Jouko Ikonen, a chief investigative officer at FINCIS said: “Everyone has the right to fair play, and fighting against competition manipulation is one of FINCIS’s main tasks. The Sportradar collaboration brings us a significant additional advantage.”

“Sportradar has a proven track record in the sports integrity industry, and their expert bet monitoring capabilities will play a crucial role in helping to protect the integrity of Finnish sport in the years ahead.”

Sportradar managing director Andreas Krannich said: “At Sportradar, we have identified growing integrity threats across a variety of sports in recent years, with the global financial situation likely to increase the risks facing many sports,” he said.

“As such, to sign another key partnership with a national platform in Europe, in line with the framework of the Council of Europe’s Macolin Convention, is something we take great pride in. We look forward to supporting FINCIS’s integrity program in the coming years”.