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Key Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss at the AffiliateINSIDER Summit

You don’t want to miss the AffiliateINSIDER Summit! We have brought together some of the best people across digital and performance marketing to share their expertise. You can learn some incredible insights here that could help to AMPLIFY your knowledge and goals in 2022.
Want to know more about who you could see speak at the AffiliateINSIDER Summit? We’ve put together this handy list of key speakers you don’t want to miss!

Rishi Lakhani

Rishi has over 10 years experience of in digital marketing in both the UK and international projects. He specializes in ROI-based online marketing which gives him a fantastic insight into the worlds of SEO and content strategy. You will be able to learn from him in our Amplifying your SEO & Link Building Strategy panel at 11:00 GMT on Day 1.

Judith Lewis

Judith has been working in the online marketing sector since 1996. SEO, PPC, Paid Search – you name it and she has worked on it. She is an in-demand speaker at many conferences around the world and has written informative articles for several publications and websites on the subject of digital marketing. She will be joining Rishi on the panel for the Amplifying your SEO & Link Building Strategy discussion.

Heather Peebles

Heather has over 8 years of experience in affiliate marketing which she uses to her fullest advantage in her role as Head of Affiliate Partnerships at Reward Gateway. In 2019, she co-founded the Publisher Board which aims to promote best practices. She will be speaking at the eCommerce & Retail – Loyalty + Cashback – Driving Incremental Value for your Business at 14:15 GMT on Day 1.

James Little

James is the Group Commercial Director for TopCashback and has nearly 20 years of experience within the affiliate marketing world. In this role, he manages the growing US Partnership team. He also runs his free affiliate conference, AffiliateHuddle, which will be back in April 2022. James will be speaking alongside Heather on the E-commerce & Retail – Loyalty + Cashback – Driving Incremental Value for your Business panel.

Brian McGuigan

Brian has had a long and successful career in the world of affiliate sales and partnerships and is now further growing his presence in the digital marketing industry. He understands some of the many challenges present in the affiliate space, and he is ready to share how he overcomes them. You can catch him alongside James and Heather at the E-commerce & Retail – Loyalty + Cashback – Driving Incremental Value for your Business panel.

Becky Liggero

Becky is an icon of the iGaming world. She is the Head On-site Reporter for the Calvin Ayre Media Group. In this position, she has had the opportunity to interview countless senior-level executives across the iGaming industry for and Her knowledge of the gambling industry is impeccable, and she always knows where the latest innovations are. Find her speaking on the Blockchain and Crypto – Looking Forward to Web3.0 panel at 11:30 GMT on Day 2!

Dustin Howes

Dustin has 12 years of affiliate marketing experience under his belt and he is ready to help brands and affiliate programs of all shapes and sizes take off. No matter what stage they are at, he can help them scale their programs to success. Make sure you don’t miss Dustin on the Amplifying Marketing Strategies with Automation & AI panel on Day 1 at 13:00 GMT.

Wade Tonkin

Wade has been involved in affiliate programs since 1999 and is currently the Senior Affiliate Manager at Fanatics. This means that he oversees the affiliate programs for over 30+ sites plus pro and college sports teams like the Chicago Bears. His knowledge is unmatched and has led to him being recognized through several awards. Don’t forget to tune into our first panel at 09:45 on Day 1 – Looking to the Future – Amplifying Partner Growth in 2022 – where he will be speaking.

Chris Tradgett

Chris is the CMO of Publisher Discovery and has over 18 years of experience matching advertisers with the most relevant affiliate partners. He has been developing Publisher Discovery since 2014 and is used by many of the world’s leading affiliate networks and brands. He will be speaking at our Amplifying Your Affiliate Partner Performance in a Fragmented Marketplace panel. Don’t miss it at 10:15 GMT on Day 2!

Seth Rubin

Seth has a vast knowledge of the B2B and B2C digital marketing spheres, and he has a lot to bring to our discussions. He has often worked in cross-functional and multi-geographical teams, which meant that he has had the opportunity to gather crucial experience and understanding of what it takes to succeed in this sector. You will hear him speak alongside Chris in the Amplifying Your Affiliate Partner Performance in a Fragmented Marketplace panel.

These are just a few of the key speakers that we have brought together to speak on some of the hottest topics to help you amplify your affiliate marketing in 2022.
And the best part?

All of our panels are FREE! That’s right, you don’t have to pay a single penny to attend any of our panels and gain great insight from our key speakers and discussions! Get registered for the AffiliateINSIDER Summit, and sign up for some of our paid Masterclasses to further deepen your knowledge and understanding!