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Top 16 Affiliate Marketing Tools to Boost your Affiliate Revenue

The business landscape may have changed drastically in the past couple of years, but one thing remains the same—affiliate marketing is still a relevant and powerful strategy for business growth. The most recent statistics on affiliate marketing provide enough basis for this claim.
So, if you are looking to increase your revenue this year, consider ramping up your affiliate marketing efforts by using the top tools on the market today. We have listed the top 16 affiliate marketing tools favored by brands, merchants, agencies, and affiliates.

1. Refersion

One of the leading affiliate marketing platforms today, Refersion is a nifty tool for both brands and their affiliates.
For brands, Refersion offers an all-in-one enterprise solution for managing affiliates, influencers, and ambassadors. It has a comprehensive suite of tools that includes customizable commission structures, direct payments, tracking multiple stores, white labeling, automated commissions and taxes, and performance reports. It also enables real-time tracking of clicks, conversions, and digital sales.
For better affiliate relationships, Refersion has affiliate portals that brands can personalize. Affiliates can conveniently use the Refersion app to access their portal and use the analytics performance dashboard. This lets them monitor their links, commissions, and payment requests.

  • Sets up and integrates in minutes
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Efficient tracking of referral links
  • Only one commission structure per affiliate is allowed

2. PartnerStack

No matter what partnership program you have, PartnerStack lets you manage it with ease and efficiency. PartnerStack does more than manage and track affiliates. It also has tools for campaign and lead management, customer tracking, campaign optimization, and analytics. It has an email campaign editor, creative tools for promotional offers, and a transparent affiliate payout system.
As a partner relationship management platform, PartnerStack can accelerate business growth as it opens more revenue channels for businesses. It automates and streamlines processes, so you can always maximize partner performance.
  • Seamless backend integration
  • Modern user interface
  • Easy setup and implementation
  • Not mobile friendly

3. Post Affiliate Pro

One of the pioneer affiliate software tools, Post Affiliate Pro remains a favorite of many eCommerce businesses. Its user-friendly interface lets users create an affiliate program from scratch with just a few clicks. It allows customization and personalization with regards to affiliate tiers, commission structures, and other settings.
It has all the basic affiliate marketing tools new businesses need to establish their affiliate base. Advanced tools are also available for scaling affiliate programs as your business grows.
Post Affiliate Pro offers a wide range of affiliate link styles, advanced tracking tools, and a comprehensive report system. It also supports multiple currencies and has a transparent payout system.
  • Customizable user interface
  • Accurate analytics and reporting
  • Affiliate fraud protection
  • On the expensive side

4. ShareASale

ShareASale brings merchants, affiliates, and agencies together in one intuitive platform where they can foster relationships that drive growth for every stakeholder. It offers integrated services and a host of affiliate marketing tools.
Merchants and agencies gain access to attribution tools, advanced tracking methods, custom commissions, and other tools that give them full control of their affiliate programs. For affiliates, user-friendly tools such as real-time reporting, product discovery bookmarklet, and custom link generator help promote brands and drive conversions. Real-time insights into performance data enable partners to make data-driven decisions.
  • Transparent affiliate payment system
  • Easy to navigate platform
  • API availability
  • Outdated website interface

5. Everflow

Designed for marketers, Everflow accelerates the growth of affiliate and partner programs through its robust partner marketing platform. It enables brands and marketers to manage multiple marketing campaigns from a central dashboard that’s accessible on the Web.
You can easily integrate Everflow into existing tech stacks to track all the channels that a brand uses for its affiliates. Aside from tracking tools like coupon codes, impression tracking, and direct linking, it also has deep analytics tools that help deliver data-driven insights. Automation and optimization tools boost its capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for affiliate management.
  • Well laid out dashboard
  • Seamless mobile access
  • Excellent customer support
  • Requires the use of HTML codes for creatives

6. Voluum

Voluum is cloud-based performance marketing analytics software equipped with tools for affiliate marketers, agencies, and media buyers. Its platform unifies all affiliate management and tracking processes and helps improve efficiencies for new marketers or brands.
Its best feature is likely its responsive reporting that provides data analytics insights. It also has AI-powered optimization tools that help auto-optimize campaigns and distribute traffic. Other features include audience targeting, social promotion, attribution modeling, conversion tracking, predictive analytics, ROI tracking, and fraud detection.
  • Built-in integrations with leading platforms
  • User-friendly interface
  • Banking-standard infrastructure
  • Relatively steep learning curve

7. Fintel Connect

Designed specifically for businesses in the financial service industry, Fintel Connect meets the affiliate marketing needs of banks, lenders, credit unions, and other enterprises in related fields. The marketing platform features tools for both merchants and publishers.
One of the key features of the platform is an AI-driven marketing monitoring tool that generates industry-specific insights and reports. The platform also has custom tracking features, campaign management software, multi-level commission models, and compliance tools. For affiliates and publishers, there are also marketing tools and creatives for content that draws more audience and drives conversions.
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Third-party tracking integrations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mainly focused on fintech companies based in Canada

8. Afftrack

Primarily a click tracking application, Afftrack has other capabilities that enable brands and marketers to manage their affiliate network.
For affiliate tracking, the software uses a proprietary cloud click tracking solution that processes and delivers real-time data with almost zero downtime. It also has a reliable proxy detection service for more accurate referral counts.
Another appeal of Afftrack is its mobile responsiveness. Users can monitor and track clicks even when they are away from their computers. There is also no need to install an app for mobile devices. This makes tracking more convenient and easier.
  • Full API access
  • Customizable user interface
  • Cost-effective solution for small businesses
  • Limited number of plans with no add-ons or special features

9. AffiliateWP

Designed specifically for use on WordPress sites, AffiliateWP gives businesses a reliable affiliate marketing solution that’s easy to use. It is essentially a plugin that requires minimal configurations to customize and integrate with WordPress themes.
AffiliateWP’s arsenal of affiliate marketing tools include integrated payouts, real-time reporting, affiliate coupon tracking, referral link generator, and tracking cookie expiration. It has an affiliate management system that makes it more efficient to monitor the performance of every affiliate account.
Affiliates have their own dashboards where they can track their performance and view their earnings. They also have access to creative tools and visual resources that can help them promote products better.
  • User-friendly website
  • Full remote API access
  • Integrations with eCommerce platforms
  • Plans are relatively expensive for small companies

10. ClickInc

ClickInc removes confusing Affiliate IDs and complicated links from the picture. This web interface features an easy-to-use dashboard where affiliate and lead management tools are intuitively laid out. One feature that sets it apart from other affiliate marketing tools is TruLink, an innovative solution that tracks affiliate links more efficiently and accurately while improving Google ranking performance at the same time.
Aside from TruLink, it also has a suite of software tools for affiliate management, tracking, and reporting. The latest additions to its suite are Create Coupons for marketing and tracking, Performance Affiliates Group for automatic affiliate grouping, and Commission Settings for customizable tiered commissions. You can also find Cookie-Expire Days, Affiliate Lifetime, Recurring Orders, and other nifty features.
  • User-friendly visual trend graphs
  • Regularly adds new tools and updates old ones
  • Integration with over a hundred merchant accounts
  • Requires basic HTML knowledge to set up and manage

11. TUNE

Formerly HasOffers, TUNE is a powerful partner marketing platform that features fully customizable software for the management of affiliate and partner programs. It is useful not just for managing affiliates but also for building influencer, agency, network, and other business relationships.

Because of the flexibility and scalability it offers, TUNE can meet the needs of freelancers, businesses, and big enterprises. Aside from advanced automation and real-time data streaming, its most valuable features are multi-campaign management, user interaction tracking, banner management, event triggered actions, and fraud detection.
  • Stable tracking platform
  • Lots of functionalities
  • Detailed statistics and analytics
  • Not as intuitive as other partner management tools

12. ClickMeter

ClickMeter empowers marketers with a portfolio of tools that lets them optimize links and maximize conversions. It has one of the most powerful tools for creating tracking links and monitoring real-time reports. The software also lets you know the value of your links in detail, so you can understand how users are interacting with the links and improve ROI.

This platform has profiles for agencies, advertisers, publishers, and affiliates. Every profile has access to a customizable dashboard that gives an overview of all the metrics that are important for each user. 
  • Good user interface
  • Seamless platform integrations
  • Customizable reporting and detailed analytics
  • Experiences lags and redundant data at times

13. Pretty Links

Pretty Links does a pretty good job of simplifying link management. It lets you manage all your affiliate links, redirects, and social links using one simple WordPress plugin. While it is a basic solution from a third party, it still gives you enough flexibility for customization in creating, tracking, and monitoring marketing links.
This tool enables the automatic creation and sharing of short links. It also has a bookmarklet, custom link settings, and click hits reporting. Most of its features are pretty basic, but there are still a handful of advanced ones that give it more than enough value for its price.
  • Smooth and intuitive interface
  • Multiple redirection types
  • Cost-effective link management
  • Only has the basic features for affiliate link management

14. Growth Hero

Relatively new in the market, Growth Hero has quickly risen the ranks of the most popular affiliate marketing tools. Its quick onboarding process and user-friendly app interface make it one of the easiest apps to use especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Its easy and powerful customization simplifies affiliate management. Users can set partner tiers, create smart links, set up multiple payment options, manage partner rewards, and draw insights from tracking analytics. 
  • Installs and launches in minutes
  • Advanced API
  • Integrates with various systems and apps
  • No free partner tier

15. HitPath

Any company running an affiliate program can leverage the tools on HitPath. This performance marketing tracking software is powered by advanced technology that is capable of tracking links across multiple channels.
Its comprehensive suite of tools streamlines affiliate management and tracking for advertisers, networks, advertisers, and agencies. You can measure and evaluate customer engagements more accurately with proper attribution across all touchpoints in a marketing campaign.
  • Solid and reliable platform
  • Accurate campaign analytics
  • Free one-on-one training
  • API is not real-time and tends to lag

16. OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate is a cloud-based affiliate marketing solution that empowers customers to promote brands on their social networks.
Aside from social media sharing, the platform also has tools for multilevel marketing, commission management, banner management, and fraud detection. Its affiliate tracking and management features are fairly easy to use even with little technical knowledge.
  • Multiple payout options
  • Easy integration with various software
  • Accurate lead tracking
  • Limited number of affiliates allowed

Build Your Arsenal of Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing and other partner programs will remain crucial in boosting growth this year. To increase conversions and drive higher income, enhance your marketing strategy with the best affiliate marketing tools you can afford. This is an investment that is bound to yield high returns. However, be judicious in choosing the most appropriate tools that meet your specific business needs.