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iGaming Ontario bans auto-play function for online slots

iGaming Ontario, a subsidiary of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) established earlier this month, has published a new set of regulations for the provincial market, including a ban on the auto-play function of online slots.
AGCO launched iGaming Ontario to help regulate the provincial market, which is in the process of opening to customers in Canada. At the moment, only the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is able to offer online gaming services, but this will soon change.
As such, iGaming Ontario has now started to lay out its new rules and regulations for the province’s online gambling market. One of the most notable stipulations is the ban that has been placed on the auto-play function of online slots.

Ensuring the provincial market is safe for players

“A player should commit to each game individually, releasing and then depressing the ‘start button’ or taking equivalent action,” iGaming Ontario has stated. In addition to this, spin speed must be 2.5 seconds at the very least. Any features that reduce this timeframe are banned.
Multi-screen and split-screen play have been prohibited as well. The new regulator has also highlighted the importance of not suggesting that speed or skill can improve the player’s chances of winning. Online slots must not celebrate losses disguised as wins either, and in-game credits need to be presented as Canadian dollars.

Stringent regulations for marketers and operators

Regarding marketing, iGaming Ontario has said that gambling advertisements should not “exploit the susceptibilities, aspirations, credulity, inexperience or lack of knowledge of all potentially high-risk persons, or otherwise extoll the virtues of gaming” or “entice or attract potentially high-risk players.”
Furthermore, regulations are more stringent when it comes to responsible gambling, marketing bonuses, advertising to minors, and being misleading. Finally, anti-money laundering checks need to be performed.
All these new measures should ensure that the Ontario online gambling industry is safe for customers. Any affiliates hoping to operate in the new market should take heed and make adjustments accordingly.