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Instagram’s Creator Marketplace launches

Instagram has finally launched its must-anticipated Creator Marketplace, which is designed to optimize social media marketing on the platform.

Instagram has made big moves to make the platform the place to not only find but buy your items. A lot of features have been created to better connect influencers with marketers, making it hugely effective for affiliate marketers.

As explained by Instagram: “Instagram’s creator marketplace is a new destination that allows brands to find creators they may want to connect with. They can use the desktop experience within Meta Business Suite to filter creators by gender, age, number of followers, and interests. They’ll also be able to filter for creators based on the demographics of their engaged audience, using filters including gender, age, interests, country, and city; see creators who have expressed interest in working with them, have tagged them, or follow them; see similar creators to those they’ve already found through the filters, and add creators to saved lists.”

“Any messages brands send creators will land in a newly created Partnerships Messages inbox. Creators can respond to brands and coordinate with them directly within the Instagram app.”

This platform will make it a lot easier for affiliate marketers to find and connect with influencers on the platform, but unfortunately, it still isn’t yet rolled out to the masses. Influencers can expect to see the Creator Marketplace appear in their apps soon, however.