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Meta is offering subscriber-only content options for paying fans

To help influencers build their audience, Meta has taken a leaf from OnlyFans and Patreon and created a means for influencers to offer subscriber-only content to paying audiences.

These subscriber-only exclusive content features are designed to incentivize users to support their favorite influencers on the platforms of Facebook and Instagram.

The first of the features is subscriber chats, which are Meta’s dupe of Discord in concept. You can add a “join chat” sticker to your Facebook or Instagram story and converse with your paying fans from the messenger app.

As explained by Meta: “Subscriber chats, powered by Messenger, can be created directly from your inbox or story and end automatically after 24 hours, so you can maintain balance and decide when and how you engage with your subscribers.”

The other half of that coin is the subscriber-only content options. Creators will be able to create posts and stories which will be displayed with a purple crown logo on a separate tab on creators’ profiles for subscribers to access.

“While exclusive stories and live allow you to connect with subscribers at the moment, we know that content that lives on your profile is an important way to attract new subscribers and retain your community. Now you can create a world of exclusive content, from saving your subscriber lives to sharing feed posts and reels, knowing that your community can easily find it as soon as they subscribe.”