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Impact acquires pressboard has recently acquired a press board in an audacious move that will place them above their competitors. Over the last few years, the impact has been ever-growing, trying to expand their business to suit the needs of their target audience. One of the areas they have truly focused on is the technological side of things as they seek to provide tools that can be used across multiple sectors: brands, agencies, creators, and influencers, just to name a few.

Pressboard is a technology platform that is used by publishers and their partners. With the acquisition now complete, can now fully utilize the platform and allow content creators to maximize their earning potential and value from their working partnerships.

Who uses pressboard? The platform has been mostly built by content creators using the service, however, we are starting to see some high-profile brands and agencies using it also. Why should you use it? It’s simple, demand for content these days exceeds the supply that can be offered. This is down to digital ads increasing the popularity of products and services and not giving a true recollection of what is sustainable. Pressboard will look to further develop the amazing job that has been doing for its clients by allowing the supply of content to drastically increase.