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Hootsuite release study into key social media trends for 2022

In a survey of over 18 thousand people, Hootsuite has released a study that predicts the trends that will dominate 2022.

A study in social

Authority on all things social media, Hootsuite has conducted and released the results of a study in which they predict the trends for next year. The results are invaluable to marketers who will be looking to gain eyes from getting on trending topics.
The full Hootsuite 2022 Social Trends Report was condensed into a helpful infographic and outlines five different trends expected to sweep social media.

What are the trends?

The first says that brands will “finally get community right”, and appreciate the subcultures of social media platforms, informed by 77% of users saying that their most important community is found online.

Trend 2 says that marketers are expected to get more creative as consumers “wise up” to social ads. Particularly on TikTokPinterest, and Snapchat, over half of the marketers are planning on expanding their paid social, and as marketing expands, users are becoming more aware of what is a genuine review and what is a sponsorship.
In a survey that is up from 15%, a whopping 83% of marketers said they are expecting to quantify the Return on Investment of their social media efforts.

The recent pandemic wasn’t forgotten when looking at trends, since the fourth trend will see that social media will grow from its boom during the lockdown and be the leader of the post-pandemic shopping experience. The survey revealed that 53% of 16–24-year-old internet users look to social media to do their research on a brand before they buy.
And finally, there will be an increase in customer care. 59% of marketers are looking to increase their customer care as a priority, closing the gap between customer care and marketing.

 Affiliate marketers will find this information useful as time goes on, implementing trends that will gain brands and businesses more followers.