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Moonpull partners with Awin

Affiliate tracking consultancy Moonpull has partnered with leading global affiliate marketing platform Awin, allowing the latter to make use of Moonpull’s innovative platform.

Their software allows users to identify and address any tracking issues that might occur across the advertiser page and user journey. This can include issues that arise with first and third-party cookies, and helping users understand the value of these cookies and tags in greater detail.
By bringing Moonpull on board as a partner, Awin is working to further cement its credentials as a brand eager to improve publisher performance and support the success of its advertisers in any way that it can.

Steve Brown, the founder, and CEO of Moonpull said: “We are delighted to be providing a crucial service to one of the world’s leading affiliate platforms at this particular juncture in affiliate marketing. Consent platforms – increasingly used to comply with PECR legislation – and the deprecation of third-party cookies are increasingly compromising the ability of networks to track sales. Moonpull is making it easier for networks and publishers to monitor and introduce best practices amongst advertisers to keep the channel working efficiently and see the commissions correctly earned and attributed.”

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