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Live sports prediction challenge app Chancer launches

Chancer, an app that enables creators or fan communities to create their own live sports prediction challenge, has launched. In order to get involved, you must have a private or public social group.

A true fan experience

The app, which is available to download on the App Store and online, was designed in an attempt to reward fans who play with their heart as opposed to their head. It can be enjoyed by sports fans from a wide range of backgrounds, demographics, and levels of knowledge and experience. The brains behind the app, Brian MacSweeneyJason George, and Justin Kennedy, also ran a series of small-scale experiments with sports fans in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States prior to its launch.
With few options for sports fans today, it sets itself apart from sports betting and daily fantasy platforms by aiming to provide a space for those looking to play and predict in a way that is fun, fast, and free.

Off to a flying start

The news of Chancer’s launch comes as the app was invited into Sportradar’s coveted Acceleradar program. Launched in 2016, it supports select entrepreneurs working on start-ups within the industries of sports and technology and, by doing so, empowers them with the tools and sports data required to grow and expand on a global scale.
Chancer is also expected to launch a second investment round in the coming months to allow them to automate their existing offering and build a platform that many sports fans will agree has been a long time coming.