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Instagram to launch Media Kit for creators

Instagram is developing a new Media Kit tool for creators to help them showcase their work and forge new promotional partnerships.

The feature will provide support for content creators looking to offer their services to brands. The Kit will contain a bio, and past collaborations, and allow creators to highlight the best examples of their work. Additionally, analytics and audience data will be made available and easy to access, allowing creators to demonstrate how effective and impactful their content is.

The concept is similar to the Meta Creator Marketplace and Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager. Both allow creators to search for potential collaborators for promotional campaigns.
In what will be a key difference, Media Kit will offer much greater levels of control and customization, users will be able to tailor and optimize their Kit and share it directly with potential partners.

The feature is reportedly in an internal prototype testing phase, with news on a possible public trial yet to be disclosed.

YouTube also launched a Media Kit feature in January of this year, to improve connections between creators and affiliate marketing managers. An extension of YouTube Studios, the Kit will display a summary of stats including subscribers, viewers, and average watch time per video.