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Google further delay the death of the Cookie

Google's plan to remove their web-tracking technology from Chrome has now been further delayed until late 2023. The search engine has continued to face pressure from competition regulators, privacy advocates and even the digital media industry over their cookie.
Last week the Alphabet Inc., parent company of Google, stated that its Chrome internet browser will stop supporting the user-tracking technology by late 2023. Google had originally planned to remove this feature by early 2022, but have now decided to postpone its death by nearly two years.

New technologies?

Google have said that by postponing the removal of the cookie it will give publishers, regulators, and advertisers more time to get comfortable with a new range of technologies. These new technologies are being developed to enable targeted ads for web browsers even after cookies have been phased out.
Google also previously stated, “While there’s considerable progress with this initiative, it’s become clear that more time is needed across the ecosystem to get this right.” The removal of the third-party cookie from Chrome will see big changes for Google and their beloved users. Therefore, the search engine needs to make sure that they are doing everything right in order to protect their users privacy as well as their own.

Stronger privacy protection

Googles decision to remove their cookie reflects the many challenges that the search engine giant have faced regarding providing stronger privacy protection for their users. Apple Inc. have released several major privacy updates for their devices this year, putting Google and the cookie to shame. Both Google and Apple have faced complaints from a number of industries regarding their ads and their user’s privacy. Therefore, the removal of the cookie is Googles attempt to overrise these complaints and provide their users with stronger privacy protection.