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YouTube further monetizes Shorts with Super Thanks

YouTube is looking to further monetize its short-form video feature YouTube Shorts through the inclusion of the Super Thanks option for viewers.

Viewers will be able to purchase Super Thanks, which are short, one-time animations and distinctive, customizable in-stream comments, to show gratitude and appreciation to their favorite content creators.

Previously only available for standard, long-form video content, the integration of Super Thanks with YouTube Shorts is indicative of the company’s goal to rival short-form video king TikTok. YouTube also recently announced that ad revenue will now be shared with Shorts creators, in an attempt to attract more creators to the platform.

YouTube is currently trialing the feature in a beta phase, available in a handful of regions to content creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program.

TikTok has often been criticized for its low financial incentives for content creators. YouTube is looking to take advantage of this, and offer superior monetization options for creatives on the platform.

TikTok currently has a similar donation feature, but it is only available for creators with over 100,000 followers. On the other hand, YouTube’s Super Thanks will be available to Partner Program members, which is open to creators with just 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 annual watch hours, a much more accessible barrier to entry.