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Rapid increase in the number of women gambling

The beautiful thing about iGaming is that it has never been gender-specific. This is finally being noticed by the target audience it is reeling in from all over the world. According to a recent study by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), Over the last four weeks, the market has been swamped with around 42% of women gambling on the national lottery, bingo, and scratch cards. Not to mention the other various forms of lottery available to the market. It is thought that women are only just realizing the simplicity that an online gambling platform can offer them as they are ‘testing the waters with whatever else they can find to fulfill their gambling needs.  

There isn’t a specific age bracket for woman gambling as it is becoming increasingly popular throughout, however, over the age of 35 seem to be the most intrigued in the market. As revealed by the UKGC, the number of women online gambling over the last 4 years has increased by 8%, drastically building up a larger following amongst women. It was reported that women’s attraction to online gambling has grown from the fact that they are mixing risks with entertainment. Allowing them to create a love-hate relationship with the system.  

With the number of women starting to swarm into the market, Begambleaware has had to inject a plan for any women who may feel like they are starting to become too attached to the risks.