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TikTok launches Attribution Manager tool on platform

TikTok has finally catered to marketers with its Attribution Manager tool within the Ads Manager platform. The tool allows marketing managers can look after their investments. You can set custom attribution windows in TikTok marketing campaigns and gain more ad performance and tracking capacity data.

As explained by TikTok: “For web and app campaigns, TikTok Attribution Manager enables marketers to select a specific period to measure success: the click-through attribution (CTA) window can range from one day to 28 days, while view-through attribution (VTA) window options range from off to up to seven days.”

The attribution manager tool allows marketers a new level of flexibility when looking at your performance data, and then linking to different actions within your custom attributions on the content. This all allows for new ideas on what you want to link to and push.

“For example, a major brand marketer may look at views and immediate clicks as key campaign indicators when building brand awareness, while an auto brand might expect a longer consideration cycle from a prospective customer.”

“When choosing the best attribution window for your campaigns, consider the nature of the product or services you’re promoting, and the primary actions you want to trigger.

“For example, a retail brand running a seasonal sales promotion campaign, a 7-day click, and 1-day view attribution window might make sense by allowing time for customer consideration to take place before converting.”