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Florida online sports betting all but dead until 2025

Legal Florida online sports betting is considered to be a dead initiative until at least 2025. As legal online sports betting rolls out across many other states in the continental USA, it will not be doing so in the Sunshine State.

This is thought to be due to a poorly executed ballot initiative drive and issues surrounding gaming compacts. took a closer look at the main reason why the excitement of legal Florida online sports betting has all but died. They came up with the following main points.

The Florida Election Champions has less than half of the required 891,589 signatures – 8% of the vote in the last presidential election – that are needed to earn a spot on the ballot. With less than a week to go to reach this milestone, it is unlikely they will do so.

Florida voters will not be able to vote on statewide sports betting until the 2024 election. This means that the major operators would not be able to introduce offers until 2025 at the earliest.
The initiative has been pushed to the Florida Election Champions by leading operators DraftKings and FanDuel with $37,198 million given in funding.

Florida voters passed Amendment 3 in 2018, which requires any gambling expansion in the state of Florida not on Indian land to be approved by at least 60% of voters in a statewide election.
These factors all make online sports betting difficult to launch in Florida, at least until 2025. Read the full analysis at to find out more, but for now, affiliates should focus their American interests on states that have already approved and launched legal online sports betting initiatives.