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Gamstop launches self-exclusion campaign ahead of Qatar World Cup

Responsible gaming service Gamstop has launched the UK’s first-ever self-exclusion awareness campaign. In partnership with various professional sports associations and gaming brands and clubs, Gamstop is attempting to promote its self-exclusion features that will allow players feeling the negative effects of too much gambling to step away from the online casinos and betting shops for a certain amount of time.

In July this year, Gamstop reached 300,000 total players using the self-exclusion feature since its launch in 2018. This year’s campaign includes the hashtag #TakeBackControl2022 and has already reached 2.6 million people before September 15 of this year.

The aim is to raise awareness, particularly in the run-up to the World Cup in Qatar, which is supposed to kick off on November 20th.

“We are very grateful to all our partners who took part with us on social media to support the campaign, using the #TakeBackControl2022 hashtag,” said Fiona Palmer, CEO of Gamstop.

“By sharing information about GAMSTOP with their followers they have helped us to educate new audiences about self-exclusion and where people can get help if they need it.”

“Our most recent data suggests gambling-related harm remains a serious problem and it is widely accepted that action is needed to protect those most at risk,” she said. “We are now recording an average of more than 7,000 new registrants each month, which is almost a double-digit increase year-on-year.”