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Meta debuts ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ showcase for artists

Meta has launched a new initiative designed to showcase innovative digital artists and creators from across the globe.

‘Creators of Tomorrow’ is a dedicated digital platform highlighting the work of content creators from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Meta has committed to supporting these artists as they develop professionally, build their audience, and practice their art.

The move comes as Meta attempts to tap into Gen Z markets, recently launching several new features to emulate the success of TikTok.

A range of work from musicians, AR designers, and NFT artists is available to discover through the platform, with information on each artist and external links to their social media accounts provided.

“As cultural trends continue to be amplified through digital content and new avenues open for them to earn a living, these creators are experiencing exciting growth that will unlock new opportunities that span the future of the internet – whether that’s building their digital marketplaces, hosting immersive events face-to-face with fans around the globe, or collaborating with brands to promote new experiences,” Meta said.

Meta hosted launch events at its offices to celebrate the new initiative, with plans for future programs, in-person sessions, and workshops to ensure the creators are kept up to date with the latest Meta technology and creative tools.

Finally, Meta is set to invite all creators to an event at London’s Tate Modern during Meta Creative Week in November. This event will allow the artists to network, collaborate, and inspire one another.