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Instagram plans for media kit for creators leak

The Information has reported that there are plans for Instagram to push on with its new in-app Media Kit designed to help creators record and edit the content on the platform.

The Media Kit was spotted last month in testing mode, with a new welcome screen popping up. However, it has been updated with the phrase “Creator Portfolio” replacing “media kit”.

The overview screen, leaked to Twitter, says to “express your individuality”, “show off your content”, “let brands view in creator marketplace” and “start the conversation” with outlines of the Instagram features that would aid in each of these goals.

As per The Information:

“In [an internal] memo, Mosseri said that surveys of creators showed that Instagram ‘lag[s] behind TikTok and YouTube on all the dimensions that are most important to creator satisfaction,’ including several unrelated to the ability to make money, such as ‘fun, reach, fair algorithm and care.’ Mosseri also said the team is ‘behind where we need to be’ on initiatives to help creators make money on the platform but is ‘upping our urgency and progress’.”

Instagram’s main identity is now the creators that make up its space. Influencers, affiliate creators, brands, small businesses, etc. Maybe shifting focus from “trying to be TikTok” to aiding these marketing opportunities is the right move for the platform.