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Russian speakers and exhibitors to be boycotted from British gambling events

Scott Benton MP, Co-Chair of the UK’s Parliamentary All Party Betting & Gaming Group (APBGG) has called for a boycott of Russian speakers and exhibitors at iGaming and gambling events. This is in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a statement from the APBGG, Benton said: “As Co-Chair of the Parliamentary All Party Betting & Gaming Group, I call upon the organizers of all gambling industry conferences and exhibitions to confirm that they will not be hosting any Russian speakers or exhibitors at their forthcoming events. Russia has attacked Ukraine in an un-provoked and barbarous manner and has broken international law. It is correct that the international community is imposing severe economic sanctions on this now pariah state and we would expect this to be followed by those who profit from the British gambling industry.”

This will prevent Russian speakers and exhibitors from participating in leading British iGaming and gambling conferences.

Most notably, this is thought to affect the upcoming London Affiliate Conference. This is one of the biggest and busiest events in the iGaming calendar. With Russian delegates potentially unable to attend, this will leave a gap in both exhibits and speakers.

With 5000 delegates set to attend the event in April, it will be interesting to see what effect this boycott will have. In addition to this, the UK government may introduce further sanctions against Russia that could affect the British iGaming industry as the invasion continues.