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YouTube expands its monetization options with product tagging

Following in the footsteps of Instagram, TikTok, and even PinterestYouTube is now offering creators product tagging, which, as the name suggests, will allow creators to add tags on products in their content.

It would come in useful as another asset in monetization, either by product tagging for affiliate partners as part of their contract or by-product tagging their items for sale as merchandise.
It comes as another step in the migration of social media platforms from communicative tools to online retail stores. And it makes sense in YouTube’s case, which has a long history of creators trying new and inventive ways of making money beyond what the YouTube creator fund allows.

Business Insider, which uncovered the feature, said: “[One] creator was offered a minimum of $50 each month for using the feature, plus they could earn up to $0.08 each time a viewer clicked on a product tag and visited the product page. The cost-per-click rate YouTube is offering varies by creator and product based on a “number of factors,” the company told Insider, but declined to share more on the exact payment structure.”

The concept is still in the testing stage but is slowly being spread out to more and more YouTube influencers who are adding tags to their videos, feeds, and shorts.